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What Are Your Rights As an Auto Accident Victim?

DUI3A car crash can lead to detrimental consequences. Whether you are injured or a loved one is injured, a terrible auto accident can be the reason behind years of financial problems, pain, and suffering. Keep in mind that a terrible car crash will not only damage the vehicle, but it can also result to serious injury which may develop into life-threatening health conditions, such as brain damage, spinal cord injury, or death. Amidst all these, as victims of auto accidents, you and your loved one is provided with several rights.

The Right To Compensation

The victim of an automobile accident is entitled to compensation from the party responsible for the accident. With that said, it is important for the victim or his family to obtain the other party’s information, such as his car insurance plan number and contact information. This is crucial in obtaining compensation. The victim may be entitled to the following:

Medical care for the injury sustained from the accident
A thorough medical treatment by a doctor who specializes in car accident injuries
Ongoing health care for disabilities and injuries
Compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of life’s enjoyment, emotional stress, and permanent disability.
The Right To Get The Car Fixed

There might be times when the insurance company will try to convince the victim to bring his car to an auto repair shop that the company is affiliated with. Victims must keep in mind that they can bring their automobile to any car repair shop of their choosing. Once the automobile has been appraised, the victim must then give the estimated repair bill to the company.

The Right To A Rental Car

While the victim’s car is still undergoing repair, he has the right to a rental car. The liable party’s insurance provider or the victim’s insurance company must reimburse the rental fee. However, this is only available for a period of time. Once the victim’s car is repaired, he will have to surrender the rental vehicle. In addition, the rental vehicle must not cost more than the car that the victim owns.

The Right To Get Legal Representation

The victim and his family have the right to seek legal assistance and representation. The injury lawyer can evaluate the case and determine whether they have a qualified car injury claim. The lawyer will also make sure that the victim will receive the compensation legally entitled to him. The victim won’t even have to worry about the lawyer fees since these attorneys won’t ask for payment unless a favorable settlement has been achieved.