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Do not Drink and Drive


As a DUI lawyer, I will always remind my clients to not drink and drive. Believe it or not, I have a retainer client who keeps on coming back to me because he never learns. He has never killed someone or has never damaged a lot of things, but he keeps on getting pulled over for some reason. But why shouldn’t you drink and drive? When alcohol gets into your system, your inhibition lowers and you suddenly become relaxed to the point of near drowsiness. This is OK if you’re just in your home or at someone else’s home wherein you can sleep it off.

But what happens when you drive a car? Most of the car accidents that involved drunk drivers happen because they fell asleep on the wheel and/or their reflexes have slowed down to the point where they can no longer react instantaneously. I’m not basing this on my experience, but rather, this fact is backed by years’ worth of scientific and medical studies involving alcohol and the cognitive responses of the human mind.

When you find yourself drinking a couple of beers, it’s still not OK to drive because you put yourself and others at harm.

A Brief Guide to Your Right as an Auto Accident Victim

Whether you’re a pedestrian or driving a car, becoming a victim of auto accidents can be devastating especially if the other driver happens to be drunk or under the influence. What are your rights as an auto accident victim? First and foremost, you have the right to medical compensation. The other driver is liable to pay for treatment for your injuries. However, it becomes a different story when you’re the one responsible for the accident like you crossed the red light at the intersection or when you crossed the street without using the pedestrian lane. The driver may face several legal issues due to the fact that he or she is under the influence, but you will also be liable if you’re responsible for the accident.

You also have the right to information, meaning that you have the right to knowing the name of the other driver and gain access to his or her insurance information to pay for the damages done to your car to your person. The other driver also has the right to information towards you because he or she may have the need to file a different case or need to hire a lawyer to help out with the issue.

In any case, DUI lawyers like us will make sure that your rights are protected throughout the proceedings.